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 – "Good Bobber"

This bobber is very visible in the daylight and works a s advertised. The only problem that I found with it is that the tabs that you close around the line are a little difficult when it's cold or in a rush. That being said, at least I do not have to re-tie my line as you have to do with all other slip-bobbers. Overall this is a very good quality and highly recommended to have it your tackle bag!!

Posted by Roy from Pensacola, FL on November 18th, 2013


 – "Slip Lock Bobber"

good product the orange and yellow color make it easy to see at a distance and the slot with locks allow it to be attached to line with hooks and weights attached.

Posted by Micheal from Wheatland, WY on November 11th, 2013


 – "Solid Product"

I found the Slip Lock Bobbers to perform very well and was very please with the versatility they offered on the fly. While fishing holes in slow river situation it was a snap to bounce back and forth between slowly drifting bait at various depths then removing the float and working the bottom. The only hassle was that in low-light conditions or with cold fingers it could be a little cumbersome getting the line in the slot as it would occasionally get caught behind the little locking slot. Still, it was much less trouble than constantly retying the entire rig.

Posted by Denny from Carlisle, IA on November 3rd, 2013


 – "Slip Lock Bobbers"

Slip Lock bobbers are product for every versatile angler.Ability to switch up rigs from bottom jigging to slip bobbering or suspended live bait to Lindy rig is key when fishing one of ND's premiere fisheries. These slip bobbers are easy to put on as long as you have a bobber stop in place.(One thing the Slip Lock Bobber does not come with.)I recommend this product.

Posted by Chad from Minot, ND on November 3rd, 2013



I went fishing with the bobbers and found them to be very easy to use and put on the fishing line and it seemed like I got better bites.

Posted by Adrienne from Throop, PA on November 1st, 2013


 – "SlipLock Bobbers"

I really like the latch design and ease of use of these bobbers.Not having to thread the line through a tiny hole makes it so much quicker and easier. The lower latch popped open and the line came out a couple of times but it was easy to re-attach. I wish they made bobber stoppers as easy to use and tie on.

Posted by Alan from Nicholasville, KY on October 31st, 2013


 – "Slp Lock Bobber"

Works good! Much easy to get on the line than other bobbers I've used.Easy to see out on the water.Although, the lock seemed like it was a little to easy to release, though I never had any trouble with it coming loose.

Posted by Martin from Cozad, NE on October 30th, 2013


 – "Slip Lock Bobber 8 Pack"

This is a great product. Well made. The locking mechanism holds firm and the line moves through it with ease, monofilament or braided line. I was very impressed with the versatility of the bobbers both individually in use and the variety of sizes in the 8 pack. The bobbers also helped add extra weight to cast longer distances due to the molded plastic design. No more time consuming re-rigging lines with the Slip Lock Bobber!! The only upgrade I would recommend is the colors be brighter for seeing better in low light/cloudy conditions or heavy waves. This is a great product.

Posted by James from Powell, WY on October 29th, 2013


 – "The Slip Lock Bobber"

I would recommend this product for several reasons. first is the ease of installing and removing the product so easily, second is the variety of sizes for the particular fish you are trying to catch, also as seen in the video is the option to use both sides depending on sunlight, clarity of water. As suggested I used the mini for panfish and it worked very well. product was very visible and reaction was very quick and strikes were accurate. I already added a few to my 72 hour bag and cannot wait to use them for ice fishing.

Posted by Rob from Maybrook, NY on October 29th, 2013


 – "Slip Lock Bobbers"

If you have children these bobbers are a must.Worked great with monofilament fishing line but did not work at all with fireline.Bobbers worked like any other slip bobbers but are much easier to switch sizes.The only thins that I did not like is that the locks can open, so ever once in a while you need to check them.

Posted by Fred from Lanse, MI on October 27th, 2013


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