Made in USASlip Bobber Fishing Tackle

Save time and frustration with our innovative fishing tackle.

Recreational and professional slip bobber fisherman alike choose high performance and intelligently designed fishing gear from Clearly Outdoors. From our Slip Lock Bobbers to our Tungsten sinkers, our products are unique to the industry and Made in the USA. Everything on our site is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our products and are sure you'll find their performance to be superior. Learn more about our fishing tackle.


LED Lighted Bobbers

Night Fishing Just Got Easier!
Easy to see Easy to use.

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Slip Lock Bobbers

On and Off With Two Twists
Easily change bobbers without cutting the hook.

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Smart Stop

Easy to Move – Won't Twist Line
These high performance bobber stops
snap shut and grip the line. There's no
threading, tying, or cutting!

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Dr. Drop Sinkers

Non-Toxic – Heavier than Lead
Premium tungsten composite sinkers
are safer for you and the environment.
Dr. Drop innovative gripping sinkers
come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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BAD Beads

Add Color – Catch Fish
Color attracts fish. With our exclusive
Friction Grip System™, you can quickly
change colors without cutting your line.

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