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Made in USA

We have the small and medium bobbers in pink, exactly the same as the original orange and yellow bobber — except they're pink!

Drop your line into the shaft of the bobber, twist the lock on each end and it’s ready to go! No need to cut your hook to put the bobber on or to take it off. The brightly colored hard plastic design makes it durable enough to fish all types of conditions and terrain

Less time rigging your bobber means more time in the water. Try the Slip Lock Bobber with our Smart Stop Micro Bobber Stop and have the quickest slip bobber set up on the water!

Starting at just $1.99 each


Bobber Length
3 1/8"
3 3/8"
3 3/8"
3 5/8"

1 1/8"




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Pink Mini Slip Lock Bobber


Pink Small Slip Lock Bobber


Pink Medium Slip Lock Bobber


Pink Large Slip Lock Bobber

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