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 – "Good Bobber"

This bobber is very visible in the daylight and works a s advertised. The only problem that I found with it is that the tabs that you close around the line are a little difficult when it's cold or in a rush. That being said, at least I do not have to re-tie my line as you have to do with all other slip-bobbers. Overall this is a very good quality and highly recommended to have it your tackle bag!!

Posted by Roy from Pensacola, FL on November 18th, 2013


 – "The Best Bobber Ever"

it's extremely easy use effective smoothing casting and won't fall off you can even change it so it acts like a regular bobber if you want.

Posted by Dan from Adrian, MI on November 17th, 2013


 – "Slip Bobbers"

I use slip bobbers a lot when pan fishing and fishing with my kids. That is the way i learned and the way my kids learned to fish, with a bobber. I hated being a kid and not being able to tie my own line and all. I understand it when my girls ask if they can get a bober and put it on, and as long as I have a bobber stop then its ok. other than ease of use, they function like any other slip bobber i have ever used. they seem a little more durable than the styrofoams i used to buy.

Posted by Keith from Crocker, MO on November 14th, 2013


 – "Great New Bobber System"

product works great, best slip bobber I have ever used , wish there were larger sizes for 3/8 to 3/4 oz wieghts but other than that great product

Posted by Mark from Buellton, CA on November 13th, 2013


 – "Slip Lock Bobber"

good product the orange and yellow color make it easy to see at a distance and the slot with locks allow it to be attached to line with hooks and weights attached.

Posted by Micheal from Wheatland, WY on November 11th, 2013


 – "Slip Lock Bobbers"

I loved using these bobbers, they go on easy, have bright easy to see colors and are very durable. I would recommend these to any of my friends and relatives.

Posted by Joe from Buna, TX on November 8th, 2013


 – "The Greatest Bobber Ever"

this style of bobber is the best and easiest ever to use so simple a person who can not see well can set these slip bobbers up faster without the threading hassle's of regular bobbers. BUY THEM and you will never use any other slip bobber unless you like having a pain in the butt and not getting you line in the water as fast as I can.

Posted by Brian from Weidman, MI on November 8th, 2013


 – "Not For Occasional Fishermen"

It did not cooperate for me but others in fishing party loved it.I am one that if something is not going to cooperate it going to be with me.

Posted by Lorinda from Hood River, OR on November 7th, 2013


 – "Bobbers"

easy to use. would recommend them for all current fishermen espically from the banks. Tried them from the boat also. Very good

Posted by Ken from Wickenburg, AZ on November 6th, 2013


 – "Slip Lock Bobbers 8-Pack"

The simple packaging and price point for Clearly Outdoors Slip lock bobbers 8-pack are really all you can ask for when buying slip bobbers.The bobbers come in a variety of sizes which are appealing to me as I trout fish a variety of different water and depths.Once you open up the package, you notice just how simple it is to add the slip bobber to your line.Once you lock in the two locks, you add your bobber stop at the appropriate depth, and you are out fishing.If you should need to change your bobber size, it takes no time at all, and you don't have to untie your whole set up to do so.Great product, easy to use, thanks for not out-thinking the room and putting out a product that is all around quality.

Posted by Jeremy from Tigard, OR on November 6th, 2013


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